Occupational Therapy Can Mean a Return to Daily Life Activities

occupational therapy Salt Lake City

When a person cannot perform the activities of daily life based on an illness or injury, occupational therapy may be the right choice to improve skills. There are several options for occupational therapy Salt Lake City, so it is important to find the one that is going to be the best for the patient. When a person decides on this type of therapy, both physical and mental health can be addressed. The goal is to determine what the person can do comfortably and safely.
occupational therapy Salt Lake City

Then, how to help the person do more is determined. In some cases, people need assistance with particular tasks. The goal of occupational therapy would be to reduce or eliminate their need for that assistance. This is not always possible, of course, because there are some patients who will not recover from their injury or illness enough to handle a task that they were previously able to complete without assistance. Despite being aware of that possibility, it is important that anyone considering occupational therapy make an effort to improve as much as possible through the exercises and other therapy tools that are offered to them.
occupational therapy Salt Lake City

Daily living activities that are a part of occupational therapy include the basics, such as bathing and dressing oneself, along with moving safely around the house, fixing a meal, and using the bathroom. Depending on the severity of the person’s injury or illness, he or she may end up being able to do all those things again without help, or may need ongoing assistance, such as a walker or cane to get around the house without a high risk of falling. Occupational therapy can have a big impact on how much a person is able to do.

When this therapy is started early focused on strongly, it can provide a high level of benefit for people who need it to get back to daily living. It can be a good choice for elderly people who may have been sick for a while, but it should also be considered for younger people who have been the victims of accidents or other injuries.

Even children can benefit from occupational therapy to restore strength and health after an injury or a serious illness. The independence regained with occupational therapy can be an important part of moving forward after a difficult event, as well.

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