Occupational Therapy in Salt Lake City

occupational therapy Salt Lake City

What is Occupational Therapy?

Occupational therapists help people of all ages participate in the activities they want and need to do. occupational therapy Salt Lake City helps people live happy, more functional lives. Some of the things that occupational therapists support are helping children with disabilities participate in both work and play situations to the fullest extent possible. Another focus is helping people recover as much functionality as possible when recovering from accidents or illness. Often older adults have cognitive changes that cause diminished capacity. But they too can learn how to cope with their skill to provide them with the highest degree of function possible. Occupational therapy can help people with problems live life to the fullest.

occupational therapy Salt Lake City

What might happen in an interview with an occupational therapist?
– Therapists determine a person’s goals together with their family if possible.
– An individualized intervention may be conducted to improve a person’s ability to conduct daily activities and reach other goals related to function both cognitive and physical.
– Evaluations ensure that the goals are being reached.
A client’s home may be part of therapy. A client’s home, workplace or school are important sources of information that contribute to the rehabilitation process. Adaptive equipment may be helpful. The client’s family and other care givers may take part in helping a client in therapeutic activities.

occupational therapy Salt Lake City

Occupational Therapy: More Function Lower Costs

Occupational therapy practitioners provide essential rehabilitation services. These are services included in the Affordable Care Act services. Occupational therapy’s holistic approach works well because of its focus on wellness and prevention. Ultimately this holistic approach is one that leads to independence with a resulting decrease in costs. Chronic disease management can become a practice that transforms a patient’s or client’s existence from one of tedium and perhaps acceptance to a thriving meaningful existence.
By focusing on wellness and supporting independence while managing chronic disease, occupational therapy practitioners can help the inter-professional primary care team improve outcomes while decreasing costs.

occupational therapy Salt Lake City

Purposeful activities that are the focus of physical therapy are related to cognitive function, social skills, work and cooperation. The ability to pay attention to a given task, or to complete a group of routine daily tasks may be a desirable outcome for some individuals. Independent living and personal hygiene may be a focus for others.

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