Occupational therapy in Salt Lake City — It’s Not Just for Adults Anymore

Occupational therapy Salt Lake City is often thought of as being the domain of adults. Many people think of occupational therapy as a necessary component of recovery for an individual who has suffered from a brain injury, stroke or other debilitating medical event. These medical emergencies often ones that render them unable to complete some tasks that most people take for granted such as feeding themselves, dressing by themselves and other everyday activities.

occupational therapy Salt Lake City

Children Need Occupational Therapy Too

occupational therapy Salt Lake CityLike adults, there are a number of children who can benefit from occupational therapy in Salt Lake City. The difference that often occurs is that many adults need such therapy due to a catastrophic medical event while children often do not. This is not to say that children do not suffer from brain injuries and the like that result in them needing this type of therapy. Rather, many children are identified as being candidates for the benefits offered by occupational therapy simply from their everyday interactions.

Who are the Children that Can Benefit from Occupational Therapy?

occupational therapy Salt Lake CityOccupational therapy in Salt Lake City can provide skills such as fine motor development, self care and coordination — to name just a few — to children who are born with birth defects such as spinal bifida and other medical conditions. Other incidents that might prompt a child to be a good candidate for this type of therapy include traumatic brain injuries, injuries to the hands, burns, broken bones and cerebral palsy.

Not Just Physical

occupational therapy Salt Lake CityMuch attention these days is aimed toward helping children overcome learning or development delays so that they are able to enjoy life much as their peers do. Sensory processing disorders as well as behavioral issues often make it difficult for children to know how to navigate the larger world that does not seem to be designed for them. High quality occupational therapy in Salt Lake City provides a firm foundation for them to build upon so they can achieve success in life.

Children can benefit from occupation therapy in Salt Lake City as much as — and perhaps even more — than adults. Obtaining such services can help level an uneven playing field so they are able to catch up with their peers or perform more self care tasks.

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