Who Needs Occupational Therapy?

occupational therapy Salt Lake City

Occupational therapy Salt Lake City is a type of therapy that enables patients to regain control of their lives. It uses a variety of techniques and methods to help people with physical or mental ailments regain mobility, agility and life skills. This school of therapy earned its name because one of the focuses with adults is helping them regain the skills needed to return to work, or begin working in a new career. However, occupational therapy is open to anyone.

Occupational Therapy in Salt Lake City is Open to Everyone

Occupational therapists work in many different settings in order to help different people learn and employ various practices. This means that it’s open to anyone who is in need of these services. There are several primary categories that an occupational therapist will specialize in, which help them focus in on a certain demographic to help:
• Youth and children
• Adults
• Seniors
occupational therapy Salt Lake City

An occupational therapist can traverse the different demographics, however, they will most commonly specialize in a certain area in order to receive training that will help their clients. Beyond focusing on certain demographics, many therapists will specialize in different types of occupational therapy:
• Mental health. This type of treatment helps those with a mental illness cultivate skills required to care for themselves, manage their medication, find employment, and develop social skills.

• Rehabilitation. Various patients who have undergone surgery or incurred an injury will require occupational therapy in order to help them regain mental and physical functions.

• Productive aging. These occupational therapists work with those aging to ensure that they’re able to reach and maintain a high quality of life and self-care.

occupational therapy Salt Lake City

What Happens During Occupational Therapy?

occupational therapy Salt Lake City

The exact methods and techniques will vary from therapist to therapist, based on their training and experience, however most occupational therapists work based on a few core focuses:
• Begin by carrying out an individual evaluation which includes time with the client and their family. The overall goals for the therapy sessions should be established after this evaluation.

• Create custom therapies that will help the patient reach and exceed the declared goals, along with being able to carry out standard daily activities.

• Ongoing evaluation to ensure that progress is being made, even after the stated goals have been reached.

In addition to these core focuses, many occupational therapists will also conduct a thorough evaluation of the patient’s home, office or school to determine if any modifications should be made in order to help the patient reach their goals.

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